Bowling Green, KY Newborn Photographer // Saylor

We recommend newborn photography before 3 weeks of birth, Saylor came in at 2 weeks new and Saylor was such a joy to photograph.

Our natural light window is perfect for a lifestyle feel for your custom newborn session. We love customizing family portraits for your wall of these timeless, intimate memories of your little one.

Emerson Grace Photography studio is based in Franklin, KY and service Bowling Green and Nashville area clients. I specialize in photographing newborn, babies, toddlers, 1 year cake smashes, families and maternity.

If you are expecting in 2023, please contact me today about your scheduling your newborn or milestone package. Now booking January – June due dates.

Kentucky and Tennesee Maternity Photography

We recommend capturing your maternity portraits between 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy. You are most comfortable and able to really glow for your session. And this mama did not disappoint.

We love featuring your family and the joy of your upcoming addition.

This family requested announcing the gender to their girls during the session. I love creating unique images and incorporating new ideas into your portraits to create a custom experience.

Another beautiful girl is joining their crew!

Emerson Grace Photography studio is based in Franklin, KY and service Bowling Green and Nashville area clients. I specialize in photographing newborn, babies, toddlers, 1 year cake smashes, families and maternity.

If you are expecting in 2023, please contact me today about your scheduling your Maternity, Newborn or Milestone package. Now booking January – June due dates.

Bowling Green, KY Newborn Photographer // Bennett

I’ve had the pleasure of capturing the most precious milestones for this family. They welcomed baby boy Bennett last month and I look forward to capturing his first year!

Mom requested a mix of neutrals, blues, greens, and a camping set to incorporate one of their favorite family adventures.

Big and Little sister are just smitten with the new addition!

Emerson Grace Photography studio is based in Franklin, KY and service Bowling Green and Nashville area clients. I specialize in photographing newborn, babies, toddlers, 1 year cake smashes, families and maternity.

If you are expecting in 2023, please contact me today about your scheduling your newborn or milestone package. Now booking January – June due dates.

Sweet Baby boy – KY and TN Newborn Photography

This new family of 4 came to visit me for their newborn & family portraits session recently and it was so wonderful to catch up. I have captured big brother’s portraits since he was little and loved meeting their new addition. Mom requested neutrals and classic music set. I loved breaking out our records to capture the perfect shot. We also have started using our window for natural light portraits for families and parents are loving the lifestyle feel.

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Nashville TN Newborn Photographer

Why You Should Book Your Newborn Photographer in Advance

You’re expecting a new baby! Congratulations!

Welcoming a newborn is an exciting and miraculous time for families. It’s also busy and sometimes overwhelming as you prepare your home and family for the new addition. There is so much to do in the 9 months leading up to your due date. The to-do list seems endless between doctor’s appointments, daydreaming about baby names and researching car seats. Unfortunately, newborn (and maternity) photography can sometimes get overlooked until it’s too late. Every parent deserves newborn photos to capture those brand new baby details. Somewhere between determining nursery colors and buying diapers, scheduling your photography session with your newborn photography is essential. Here are 5 reasons you want to book your newborn photoshoot well before your baby arrives:

Reason #1: Newborn Sleep Deprivation is Real

I sincerely hope you are one of the lucky parents of a child who immediately loves sleep. However, the ugly truth is that many newborns just don’t sleep through the night. Their bellies only hold so much food, and they’re busy growing, so it’s natural that they get hungry throughout the night. So while you adjust to the cat naps between feedings, snuggle times and trying to be an operational human being, finding a newborn photographer in Nashville, TN and Bowling Green, KY areas simply isn’t going to be a top priority. 

Booking a newborn photography session before your baby arrives is a gift you’ll thank yourself for later. Choose a photographer who fits your style and budget with a clear and rested brain. They grow a little bit more every day. Cherish their seemingly impossibly perfect little details for a lifetime. 

Reason #2: Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Anyone claiming that babies don’t cost much is either a financial genius or hasn’t shopped the baby section in a while. Of course, clothes, diapers, food (even if you’re breastfeeding, you have to eat more), and medical bills all have a financial impact. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo potentially the most important photos of your baby’s new life. 

It may seem like a stretch of the budget to splurge on baby pictures, but booking your photography session in advance lets you plan for it in the budget longer. These are once-in-a-lifetime photos. It isn’t like extra clothes, toys, and playpens that can wait a few weeks. You can’t freeze time, but you can take photos to cherish the moments longer. 

Scheduling your newborn photography session allows you to break up the payments. Plus, you won’t have to settle for the photographer you can afford. Instead, you can get the pictures you’ll genuinely treasure for a lifetime. 

Reason #3: Try Photography Services Before They’re Irreplaceable

Contacting your KY/TN Newborn Photographer before your due date allows you to get comfortable with them before picture day. You can even try their photography experience with maternity photography. The last thing you want is to get your baby’s pictures back and they’re not what you hoped. 

If you can, try doing a test run with your photographer before your baby’s photoshoot. All photographers have a unique style and personality. What we do in one photography session is reminiscent of what we’ll do in all others. You’ll get to know your photographer well during a maternity photography session. Do your personalities work well together? Are they patient/accommodating? Is their photography studio clean and comfortable? If anything feels off, you still have time to find someone new. 

Once you’ve gone through the maternity photography experience, you’ll also have an idea of the quality of photos you’ll receive. At the very least, you’ll get to see sneak peeks before your baby arrives. If you wait until your newborn is here, they’ll be out of the posable newborn stage before you see the proofs. You want to ensure you have the right newborn photographer the first time; there are no “redos” in newborn photography. Plus, you can often bundle maternity and newborn photography together to save!

Reason #4: There is a Small Window of Pose-Ability

You need to act fast if you want those adorable, bundled poses of your baby sleeping sweetly. Once your little one is about 30 days old, they’ll begin to realize that they aren’t in the warm (and confined) space of their mama’s womb. They’ll instinctively start to stretch out, and once they do, it’s more challenging to get them to squeeze into those picture-perfect poses. If you book your baby’s photography session in advance, you’re more likely to get the photographer that you want during the time frame you want. 

You may be wondering what happens if your baby doesn’t arrive on time or comes early. You’ve spent money on the session; you don’t want to lose it because your baby decided to stay put a little longer. All newborn photographers realize that due dates are primarily suggestions and accommodate the circumstances. 

Newborn photographers leave the time available in the schedule to flex to your baby’s arrival, but we can only do that if you’ve gotten us involved in advance. Unfortunately, we haven’t mastered the art of mind-reading yet (at least I haven’t), so you’ll need to contact us to let us know to keep the room in the schedule because you’re expecting! Schedule your photo session early to ensure that you get the photos you want, no matter what happens. 

Reason #5: You’re More Likely to Book Your Favorite Newborn Photographer

That leads us to our last and final reason to schedule your newborn photography ASAP. Photographers, especially newborn photographers, tend to book up quickly. Although they may not be in a session 24/7, many infant photographers only take a limited number of sessions, so we have that flexibility for arrival dates. 

We also don’t love to crowd too many sessions into a day, either. We know that babies cry, spit up, get hungry, you name it during their newborn photography studio sessions. It happens. Newborn photographers know and expect this, so we give extra time for sessions. For us, it’s about quality, not quantity. Unfortunately, this also means that spaces are limited, so booking in advance is necessary to ensure you work with the photographer you want. 

We’d love to chat with you about your upcoming addition. To book please visit our contact page.

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Thank you for an amazing 2021! Franklin and Bowling Green Kentucky Photography

I cannot say THANK YOU enough! We did a total of – 805 – sessions this year. I was shocked when I saw the number last night. We captured 111 newborns, 146 cake smash, over 300+ mini sessions and tons of milestones!

We are also so thankful to be Best of Bowling Green this year. We are thankful for everyone that nominated and voted us as #1!

Best of Bowling Green Photographer
Emerson Grace Photography

Thank you for all your support and love this year!

Kentucky Newborn Photographer – Franklin, KY

Now booking 2022 Newborn due dates!

We love capturing your little one’s first portraits. It’s best to schedule in your second trimester. We provide a variety of Newborn and Newborn to ONE Milestone packages based on your budget and offer payment plans.

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Enjoy some behind the scenes from Brinley’s Newborn Session featured below.

Bowling Green Newborn Photography
Franklin Kentucky Newborn Photography

From Bump to Baby // Newborn and Maternity Photography Franklin KY

A new addition is such a precious moment to be captured. We are here to celebrate this new little one and would love to customize a plan for you to include maternity through 1 year.

Contact us to setup your baby’s milestone plan at

Party of FOUR // Newborn Photography Franklin KY

So thankful to have been present as they welcomed her into the world and loved capturing their first family portraits in hospital and a few weeks after birth. This family has been clients of mine from the beginning and I’ve loved watching their family grow.

To inquire about our newborn services, contact us at

Welcome Sweet Baby Girl // Newborn Photography Franklin KY

The perfect addition to their family. Sweet baby girl did amazing for her newborn session. I love to schedule newborn sessions around 2 to 3 weeks old. This helps baby adjust to outside environment and get into good sleeping habits. I also provide a wonderful prep guide and questionnaire to our mamas once baby arrives, this truly helps round out what to expect for their session.

Our prep guide and questionnaire also allows us to give pro-tips for a successful session and sleepy baby. We always want baby comfortable and cozy during the whole experience. Our questionnaire gives mamas a chance to help us design and style their session to ensure the images we provide will be proudly displayed within their homes.

To book a newborn session with us, contact us today at